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" 希望以后还有合作的机会" 英文怎么说?

Hope we may have the chance to cooperate next time. Good luck with your work!

非常感谢您的来信,希望将来我们能有机会见面并合作Thank you for your letter/E-mail, I am looking forward to meet and cooperate with you in the near future!

希望以后还有合作的机会 Hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation

对应的英语: 1) Any chance to cooperate / incorporate? 2) Whether to have a chance to cooperate/incorporate?

以后有机会再合作 Later have the opportunity to cooperate 英 [ˌɔpəˈtju:niti] 美 [ˌɑpɚˈtunɪti, -ˈtju-] n. 机会; 适当的时机良机; 有利的环境,条件;

希望将来有机会合作 英文翻译_ Hope to have a chance to cooperate in the future

有合作的机会 Opportunities for cooperation 重点词汇释义 合作cooperate; collaborate; work together; cooperation; joint work 机会opportunity; chance

如果是口语,可选第一个答案;如果是书面的正式语言,可用第二个,但最好 I am truly grateful to you and I hope we will have an opporunity to cooperate.

楼上的是翻译机 = = thank you very much for the information you provided, and I was able to contact them through the information you provided. However, I was disappointed to find out that they are willing to assist me, but they ...


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