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希望将来有机会合作 英语怎么说?

非常感谢您的来信,希望将来我们能有机会见面并合作Thank you for your letter/E-mail, I am looking forward to meet and cooperate with you in the near future!

Hope we may have the chance to cooperate next time. Good luck with your work!

I'm looking forward to further cooperation with you

希望以后还有合作的机会 Hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation

look forward to our future cooperation.

希望将来有机会合作 英文翻译_ Hope to have a chance to cooperate in the future

希望我们还有第二次见面的机会,如果按照字面意思翻译就是: I hope we will meet again I hope to have a chance to meet you again. 如果转换其他表达方式也就是:希望我们能再次见面。 以下类似句型请参考: 1)希望有朝一日我们还能再见面。 ...

希望我们的合作能够走的长远 ------- I hope our cooperation will go farther and further. 文采句: Farther and further will our cooperation go, I hope.

If there is a chance, I hope we can communicate, and learn together in history.Please enlighten !

英语是:Hope to cooperate with you for a long time. 句子解释: hope 英[həʊp] 美[hoʊp] n. 希望,期望; 希望的东西; 被寄予希望的人或事物、情况; 抱有希望的理由; vt. 希望,期望; vt. [俚语] 相信,认为; [例句]She had de...


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